Branding can evolve and branch through different formats, from online ad banners to large-scale tarpaulins; it can also jump into product packaging and even uniforms for your staff. It’s a representation of your business’s brand identity, which is why it’s necessary to appear professional and coordinated.

A crucial component of your branding paraphernalia is your logo design. Although you may have an innovative marketing strategy, it won’t be useful if your logo isn’t appealing. If you start thinking ahead without refining your logo, you could unintentionally waste your precious budget.

Common problems with logo design

Besides considering your business’s logistical needs, such as warehousing and office spaces, investing in your visual image is also instrumental in your success. The modern age of online visibility makes it necessary for local businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to have a strong visual identity. The difference between professional and amateurish logos can be the deciding factor on whether consumers will subscribe to your service. Unfortunately, not everyone can keep up with famous brands in terms of creative direction.

In this article, we’ll provide three solutions to logo design mistakes you may be committing.

1. Improper brand tone

Effective logos can efficiently deliver a company’s message, product and even tone. A brand can look informal without looking amateurish. Alternatively, it can also appear professional without looking dull and boring. A common feature that consumers can identify in a brand is poor font choice.

Besides images and photos, your font choice can reflect your brand’s personality. It’s necessary to weigh your options and consider which font embodies the quality of service you want to deliver. Since it’s not an exact science, you must exercise patience when judging different mock-ups.

2. Unclear visual elements

Like any marketing message, your logo design must be clear to consumers. A logo design can be a mess if it’s too busy or if it has conflicting images. Keep a simple logo to avoid bombarding viewers with information overload. Stick to 1-3 visual elements if you can and ensure that they have thematic consistency.

Your logo design’s goal is to convey a simple yet unique message that only your brand can represent. Don’t try hard in being too obscure or original. There’s nothing wrong with taking notes from familiar elements since it will make your logo easier to digest. Try to strike a balance between relatable and appealing to have a logo that’s clear and effective.

3. Copycat designs and popular trends

Instead of relying on fads for your logo design, remember your company’s core values and focus on what you want to deliver. Unlike trends that can quickly go out of fashion, your logo should be a timeless representation of what customers can experience with your service. However, don’t be close-minded about revising your logo if you feel that you have to bring your company in a new direction. Updating your logo is a clear indicator to consumers that you’re making a noticeable change in management and visual identity.


Having a well-designed logo is just the first step in establishing your company’s visual presence. The next step is knowing how to curate your logo to enhance your brand visibility. Marketing strategies and online ad placements are just some of the many ways you can incorporate your logo to drive your sales figures. Thankfully, you can work with design specialists to improve and refine your core logo for your marketing needs.

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