Given today’s modern digital age, quality website design is more important than ever. The 2018 Nielsen Total Audience Report found that in the USA alone, Americans spent nearly four hours online on a daily basis. That was across all devices—computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and more. With that, it’s safe to say that the first place consumers will encounter your brand is your website.

Web Design

Aside from giving out specific details about your products and services, your company or organisation’s website also serves another purpose. It is a clear reflection as to what your relevance, style and values are. As technology has advanced, there have been several reliable sources of information about web design popping up. However, even with a wide range of information available, there are still many common myths that spread.

Here are some typical misconceptions when it comes to website design:

Content Is Generally the Same

When it comes to content, “it is what it is” absolutely does not apply. If a visitor to your website cannot get their needed information, they’re bound to click away fast. It’s important for your website to be able to deliver your main message in a fast, simple manner. Answer the following questions: Who are you? What is it that you do? Why should someone avail your product or service?

Websites that are content-based need to be mindful that information should be displayed in a minimalistic fashion. This is so that you can avoid overwhelming users.

Websites Are Unable to Cater to More Than One Audience

Despite the generation gap in technological know-how as well as aesthetic tastes, this is largely inaccurate. It is entirely possible for your website design to be able to appeal to multiple audiences. Find areas wherein the preferences of each target audience you have tend to overlap. Minimalist designs with a larger font could appeal to both Baby Boomers and Millennials alike, for example.

Your Homepage Needs to Have Everything on It

A sense of personalisation is important for many internet users. When a potential customer interacts with your company or organisation’s website for the first time, it should feel like they’re who you designed for all along. When you run a website that caters to several demographics, this is quite crucial. Don’t overwhelm visitors of your website with specific information on each angle of the product or service you offer. 

Work closely with your website designer to have clear calls-to-action instead. Customise your content in such a way that there is a clear path to key information. That way, your audiences will be able to find specific assistance in a timely manner. More importantly, they will be able to navigate with no problems with their needed content.


There are several myths surrounding web design that have built up over the last couple of years. It is key to be able to differentiate the facts from myths in order to make sure your website is at its best. When in doubt, call on a professional who can work hand-in-hand with your brand.

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